Everyone is a Dog Now

There’s no era in my life like today, every body’s face turning longer, and the noses sniffing almost everything. The era of intelligence turned shallow, brain’s micro electric pulse stronger in the area of nose.

Everyone can smell something fishy around, but they decided not to find where the smell come from and try to configure, analyse or deconstruct how the fishy smell formed. Is there a bunch of fish at the end of the rainbow? or just smell produced from an artificial chemical made by a geeky scientist, or a cat put the victim at the corner of the garage?.

It’s usually a duty for the police or government intelligent to sniff something suspicious, they are the real dog that we paid from our ridiculous tax. They trained very well to do continued act with a fine considerations.

Recent digital dogs are just woofing around to let others know and then together sniff the fishy thing with no actions. Our district will be as noisy as hell, with the anharmonic howling, messed pitch in the air, pain in the ears.

And suddenly I can smell something fishy from this fishy thing, it makes me more doggier than the dogs.


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